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Chitetezo Mbaula cookstove value chain in Dedza...
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Chitetezo Mbaula (or a protecting stove in Chichewa) is part of a cocktail of improved cookstoves earmarked for scaling in Malawi.By the year 2020, the government of Malawi has a vision of two million homes using improved cookstoves. Chitetezo Mbaula cookstove is made from pottery clay soil and by mostly women groups in Dedza District as an income generating project. By using the stove, women and children are able to reduce indoor pollution, firewood collection time, and deforestation amongst many benefits that the stove offers. However production groups, mostly made up of women were collapsing soon after NGOs pulled out their financial support. This book illustrates why this was happening and what could be done to reverse such developments is such projects. Of the five production groups that were randomly sampled out of nine in the district, only one was making profits at wholesale prices. The book also shows how the value chain system of Chitetezo Mbaula cookstove benefited village promoters at the expense of production groups. The book, and the analysis, is very useful for biomass energy project professionals and for rural goods value chain developers in the global south.

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